Sean McDonnell, Deputy Director of Operations

  • "Teamwork is not just important at Reed MIDEM, it is a necessity"

    I can safely say that what we do here at Reed MIDEM is anything but tedious. If you’re looking for a boring 9-5 job, then you’re looking in the wrong place.

    Satisfaction comes in various forms. Being able to meet clients’ needs and provide solutions to their problems, regardless of their complexity, is extremely rewarding. Walking through the exhibition halls for a final check on the first morning of a show and finding we’ve created a top-quality environment in which to welcome our clients means that the months of preparatory work were most definitely worth it.

    Working at Reed MIDEM has allowed me to develop on both a professional and personal level. Every day you are required to put to the test a variety of skills: diplomacy skills with clients, negotiating skills with suppliers, relationship skills with partners, and management skills with team members.

    A piece of advice for potential job candidates: teamwork is not just important at Reed MIDEM, it is a necessity. You have to be a team player, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

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